Pohansko near Břeclav

Pohansko near Břeclav is a large Slavonic hillfort from 9th century. It’s situated in the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic, in the vicinity of the confluence of the rivers Morava and Dyje, near the Czech-Austrian borders. Archaeological research and excavations have been conducted in this area since 1958 by the Department of Archaeology and Muselogy, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno. Pohansko can be considered one of the most important monuments of the early middle-ages not only in Czech Republic, but also in the whole Central Europe. Excavations uncovered many scattered archaeological findings from various periods of prehistorical age, but the main and continuous settlement there can be dated between 6th and 10th centuries, the time of the Slavonic expansion.

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Samples of earrings from Pohansko

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3D documentation of the selected graves from Pohansko

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